Marketing and Economics of E-Cigarettes

The business of electronic cigarettes has grown exponentially in the last few years. The rise in number of users and followers is due to

How to Choose the Best E-Cigarette

If you plan to start vaping, you are in the right place. You will read in this article, a few tips on how to

The Health Issues

The international medical organization has a huge implication in the production and implications of vaping over the human body. The general agreement says that

Simple Life Pleasures

The majority of smokers admit the fact that they love to smoke, that they feel more relaxed and comfortable with a cigarette in their

Society and Electronic Cigarettes

The vast majority of vapers (the nickname for consumers of electronic cigarettes) are passionate about e-cigs, and use them as a replacement therapy because

Smoking Increases Human Brain Performance

After 40 years of research over the effects of tobacco over the human brain, a group of Nordic scientists issued an official result. Niels

The Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette, also called e-cigarette, is an electronic device that vaporizes flavored liquids similar in taste and feel to nicotine. The user will

How does it Work?

The electronic cigarette is composed of many important pieces: the mouthpiece, the tank, the heating element, a battery and a microprocessor. The e-cigarette has