How does it Work?

The electronic cigarette is composed of many important pieces: the mouthpiece, the tank, the heating element, a battery and a microprocessor. The e-cigarette has a mechanical version, which requires its user to close and open it manually. It does not contain any electronic parts. The ecig is comprised of a heat element, or a coil, which vaporizes the liquid. When the button is pressed, the pressure sensor is activated while inhaling the vaimages-9por, which triggers the heating element that atomizes the liquid inside. The temperatures inside the electronic cigarette can reach up to 200 Celsius degrees.

The e-cigarettes are split into three main designs or types. These are the cigalikes, which have the exterior design similar in size and shape to a classic cigarette, the eGos, a bit bigger in size than a real cigarette and the mods, which are the evolved product assembled from different components.

Although the cigalikes tend to imitate the appearance of a classic tobacco cigarette, it has different properties: it is a bit heavier; it has a harder exterior shell, rather than the smooth and flexible paper. The second generation of electronic cigarette became less similar in shape, as the customers started to accept the idea that smoking vapor is cool and that they want it to be visible to others around them. The third generation already started to look like a cool electronic device, with mechanical mods and available in different voltages. The last generation started to go through technical improvements, such as sub ohm tanks and devices that can control the temperature of the atomizer.

Most of the electronic cigarettes have a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The liquids flavors have evolved to around 8,000 different tastes. Each individual new liquid is regulated by international industry standards. So these are the main points you should remember about ecigs.