Simple Life Pleasures

The majority of smokers admit the fact that they love to smoke, that they feel more relaxed and comfortable with a cigarette in their hand. The majority of people are well aware of the side effects of tobacco on human health, but mosottawa-takes-first-step-toward-regulating-e-cigarettes-with-stiff-new-proposals-173-body-image-1426104909t admit that the cigarettes have been their only friend in tough life situations, from boredom to sorrow and management of their anger.

To some people, the cigarettes are real companions of friends in stressful times. To others, cigarettes play a positive role, like bringing inspiration and concentration. Some look at cigarettes and nicotine as a real enemy, one that urges you to crave for a high dopamine level every 30 minutes, right after the effect of the last cigarette washes out from the blood stream.

The truth of the story might be somewhere in the middle. Some people treat cigarettes as close friends that may help in need with a boost of concentration, some look at it as they would at a real enemy. Addiction is a strong word, used for and by weak people. The strong ones are in charge of their cravings.

The true smokers smoke only for the pleasure of the taste, not for the custom. The same type of mentality goes for casino players. Playing card games, roulette or slots is a small pleasure of life, but to some, it becomes an addiction. A true casino player will play the game for the beauty of playing the game, respecting and applying the rules, foreseeing the moves of other players and only lastly for the monetary outcome. A true casino player wagers against others fully knowledgeable and accountable for his actions.

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