Society and Electronic Cigarettes

The vast majority of vapers (the nickname for consumers of electronic cigarettes) are passionate about e-cigs, and use them as a replacement therapy because of their love for nicotine. Many treat this social group separately from the classic tobacco smokers. They call themselves the vaping community: these groups have formed a strong relationship and communication bond on Fe-cigarette-1301666_960_720acebook, Reddit and other social media communities.

A study from 2014 issued and published by the Postgraduate Medical Journey stated that electronic cigarettes have a significant presence in on-line media, this including blogs and social media posts about e-cigarettes and connected products. There are many militants that fight over the rights to vapour or smoke in public areas. Many consider that the fight against the banishing of smoking in public goes back to the 80s, and that electronic cigarettes are a product meant to convince the wider public to accept the smoking habit.

Many countries, including US, organise and host huge gatherings of vapers. The main subjects discussed at these meetings are the evolution of the device, the newest accessories, and the lifestyle created around the action of vaping. Some even gather for annual gatherings, called vapefests, organised in different cities all over the country, with the first one dating back to 2010. Limited, hybrid or non-conventional product presentations and sales occur at these events. The enthusiasts of vaping support these presentations because they can test new products that are not yet available in commerce. North America has already laid the foundation of an Electronic Cigarette Convention in 2013. It is an annual exchange of products and impressions between consumers and producers.

A few vape shops display new products at vape bars, where people can test out new e-liquids flavours and socialise at the same time. The Internet is rich with attractive offers of electronic cigarette models, replacement parts and new liquids, with a few select sites becoming community hubs for vapers and curious consumers alike.