The Health Issues

The international medical organization has a huge implication in the production and implications of vaping over the human body. The general agreement says that electronic cigarettes have less toxic effects on the human’s body, than the tobacco. However, not many organizations have agreed with the fact that electronic cigarette is recommended or that it has helped certain subjects or study groups to quit smoking. The World Health Organization, WHO, did not reached clear conclusion on this subject, but the general conclusion they came to is that electronic cigarettes have played a role16581902047_6a086e7124_b in helping the subjects that have failed to quit smoking with other methods.

At the same time, WHO agreed that subjects who do not consume nicotine products at all are the only ones that are successfully restating the original state of their health. Knowing that the electronic cigarette contains a certain dose of nicotine, it is obvious that the integrity of their health will be affected a little. Public Health of England and the UK National Health Service believe that 95% of the tobacco cigarette smoking will be removed if people start vaping instead. The 5% disease risk from electronic cigarettes is only based on the studies from last years, since this product appeared in the market, but further studies will be published, as the clinical trials will start to test people vaping for longer periods of time.

In conclusion, the short-term effects of the electronic cigarettes have been studied, and the results show that they are less toxic than the tobacco cigarette, however, there is not enough evidence that the long-term use of the electronic cigarettes is beneficial for the human health. The only setback is the effects of the combination of chemicals found in the liquids that fuel the electronic cigarettes. It requires further study to come at a conclusion.