The Novelty of E-Cigarette

Here, you will find a collection of articles on electronic cigarettes. The first page explains the basic functions of the device itself and a bit of the context that made possible its creation.

“How does it work” chapter describes its anatomy in detail. The electronic cigarette is a complex device, composed of many elements, which work perfectly together in harmony. The evolution of an e-cigarette’s appearance started by imitating the looks of a classic tobacco cigarette, and slowly evolving to the current shape, which expresses better its mechanism and functions.

The health issues debate the implications of vaping on the human body. Many health organizations around the world agree that in the short term, the electronic cigarette is healthier than the tobacco cigarette, but the long-term effects are still under observation.

A group of nordic scientists studied the behavior of smokers and nonsmokers for 40 years, before publishing an official paper which states that nicotine boosts precision, attention, motor skills, memory, and speed.

Society is slowly starting to accept the electronic cigarette on a larger scale. Vapers from many countries gather annually, at vapefests, to be in touch with the latest products and liquids available.

Smoking is one of the many little customs of life that bring a moment of relaxation and comfort. Some consider cigarettes as true friends and companions in stressful times. Unfortunately, the marketers tend to exploit these aspects and push their products forward in campaigns that cost millions and can be accessed by youth and teenagers.